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Cedar mulch and chips

The Atlantic cedar mulch and natural colored chips are made of virgin cedar.

Being inexpensive, they are ideal choices to cover large areas. Among their properties, note that cedar bark decomposes very slowly and they repel insects. Roses, among other shrubs, love cedar mulch. Mulches are superior natural insulators. They keep the soil cool during the warm months and protects against extreme temperature fluctuations thus avoiding repeated cycles of freezing and thawing in spring and fall. Moreover, they retain soil moisture and minimize evaporation and reduce the impact of rain thus protecting the soil against compaction. It gives a uniform and natural look to a planting bed.

Available in bags of 2 cubic foot and 3 cu.ft. as well as compressed bales of 2.5 and 5 vg. cu.
(mulch only) and in bulk.

Cedar mulch
Mainly produced from the bark of the tree, it can be used as such or as a background layer for our colored cedar mulch.
  Red cedar mulch
Natural cedar with a touch of color, harmless for the environment,childrens and pets.
Black cedar mulch
For those who prefer more subtle colors, this mulch will showcase the different colors of flowers and plants.
  Brown cedar mulch
This mulch is comparable to natural cedar mulch while keeping its original color longer.
Cedar chips
Cedar chips are mainly produced from crushed cedar wood.
  Red cedar chips
They add a
special and colored finished touch to trails and gardens.
Playground fiber


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